Parc Borough City Resort
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Parc Borough City Resort
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Parc Borough City Resort
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Dining & Drink

Featuring a collection of unique restaurants, bars and a café, highlighting some of the city’s most talented chefs and concepts. Parc Borough City Resort is a true culinary and entertainment hub within the city.

Parc Thai Eatery

an urban authentic thai cuisine

Inspired by the memories of the authentic Thai taste since our grandpa and grandma generations that barely found in the hustle of the modern life. With love and passion, Parc Thai Eatery presents a selection of tempting dishes that combine the very best of selected local ingredients and the traditional recipes, flavours, and method of cooking.


café, brunch, dessert bar

A must visit café in town “Caramellow”, where all day brunches, daily homemade cake, pastry, desserts, and local selected coffee & drinks are served up by our friendly staffs. 


Bar & Lounge

Dublin is located on the first floor. Featuring a signature bar and cocktail experience